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On behalf of you we manage any kind of property, from the arbour in the outskirt to business properties and apartment and office buildings in the city.

We take care of the owners and tenants in a professional and friendly way and give regularly qualified property reports for the proprietors.


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What are the tasks of the property management?

What is the job of property management all day long?
For what does he get money? Is it worth getting that money?

You have surely asked yourself these questions. From an iceberg you only see 1/7 of the whole. The rest is invisible. The same happens with the tasks of a property management.

  • business plan
  • maintenance fee/rental statement
  • object billing
  • owners’ meeting
  • circular letter
  • bulletin
  • property visits
  • individual consultation/information
  • record of the owners’ meeting
  • permanent availability of the property manager and his staff
  • to arrange for maintenance and repair work
  • price inquiry, calls for tender, prepare price comparison lists, advice, placement of orders
  • auditing of accounts
  • receipt check
  • preparation of owners’ meetings
  • on-site inspection
  • talks with owners and tenants
  • measures to observe the house rules
  • dunning process in case of a payment delay
  • Commercial services
  • bookkeeping of money transfers
  • monthly debit position of maintenance fees
  • take care of the payment receipts
  • process direct debits
  • dunning and, if necessary, prepare law-suits in case of default
  • to administer money on current and investment accounts
  • accounting
  • to arrange for payments
  • to calculate and request of decided special contributions
  • to issue business plans and calculations
  • to issue the billing of heating and operating costs
  • to register the consumption data(heating oil, water and electricity)
  • to observe property and tenancy law, the fiscal code, tax laws, technical regulations
  • to prepare and arrange for craftsmen offers, tendering and offer comparisons
  • to keep track of appointments (offers, carrying out of jobs, defects, guarantee claims)
  • to brief and train the caretakers
  • to supply permissions
  • to conclude maintenance contracts (elevator, heating, rolling gates, pumps, fire extinguisher, etc.)
  • to prepare and organize TÜV-fire protection, lightning protection(elevator, oil tank, ventilation of underground parking, rolling gates, heating, fire extinguisher, etc.)
  • key ordering
  • notification of insurance claims(pipe burst)
  • to arrange for the removing of damages by craftsmen and the settlement with the insurance
  • to assign/monitor repair and maintenance measures
  • to assign experts
  • to observe DIN-regulations, building laws, local government laws, building statutes, heating and operating costs regulations, heating installation code, fire place statute including the implementing rules of the general administration
  • correspondence with owners, tenants and craftsmen
  • negotiations with local authorities, owners, caretakers and suppliers
  • to process complaints and take care of violations of the house rules
  • to advice owners, tenants and caretakers
  • to conclude contracts(maintenance, insurance, service, supply)
  • to make appointments and reserve rooms for owner’ meetings
  • to arrange for a protocol of decisions
  • to cooperate in court hearings, decision appeals and the lawsuit of maintenance fees
  • to grant permits
  • to know and observe a large number of legal stipulations

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